Our Clinical Team

Our Clinical Team works hand-in-hand with Dr. Dilling to ensure that patients have a smooth and comfortable experience while receiving dental treatment.  This team is specially trained to ease the worries of our most anxious patients and explain treatment every step of the way to all of our patients to ensure they always feel in control.


Certified Dental Assistant

Ashley works chairside with Dr. Dilling and has been a wonderful addition to our team since 2015. Ashley has such an outgoing personality that our patients feel comfortable from the moment they arrive for dental treatment. She truly enjoys helping people achieve the smiles of their dreams. Ashley’s confidence in her skills and knowledge about dentistry puts patients at ease.


Certified Dental Assistant

Cordilla works chairside with Dr. Dilling as an assistant, we were lucky enough to have her join our team in 2018. Cordilla has such a spunky and quick-whit personality that our patients are constantly laughing and forgetting about any previous worries they may have had. Cordilla is also extremely compassionate and truly enjoys talking to her patients and establishing a relationship with them. We are impressed with Cordilla’s dental skills and thorough knowledge about dentistry and can answer any questions that our patients may have.